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 October 2014   
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What a wonderful year of travel it has been!   


We've so enjoyed customizing trips for you, crafting memorable experiences for singles, multi-generational families, couples, a father/daughter, and friends. You have had incredible wildlife sightings coupled with time visiting and learning with our Giving Circle partners. We've delighted in providing you with unique opportunities to get off the beaten path, "go deeper", and to have authentic cultural interactions. And the year is not over! In this and coming newsletters, we'll share some of these recent trips with you. Enjoy the stories and photos.


Happy sojourns!


Priscilla and Valentina 


Clients share photos and feedback

"I loved the camps you chose ... just the right combination of "rustic luxury" and outdoor experiences. I felt like I was experiencing an Africa of many years ago. All of the learning that came with the trip was phenomenal - from amazing guides who knew EVERYTHING, to the cultural and historical info. I'm still trying to absorb it all." Cindy K. (Zimbabwe, South Africa - October 2013) 

"This is the first trip where I didn't have to do any of the planning, and didn't have to lift a finger when there ... it was the first time traveling when we could just enjoy every second without a worry or care. My sister, who has been everywhere, said it was a life-changing trip and we got to see the REAL Africa" Larry M. & family (Zimbabwe, Botswana - July 2014)

This itinerary is the best I have ever seen. Thank you very much. I almost cried I was so happy with what you have put together. Following the exhilaration of trekking for two days with these gifted, kind and professional [guides/trackers], we had become family. It will remain the most memorable and cherished experience of our time in Africa."
Jacqui & Sandra (Zambia, South Africa - September 2014)

Visit our website to read more quotes from this year's clients.


Africa is in demand!

With the economy improving and Africa on many people's minds, space at the sought-after camps is in filling up quickly. If you'd like to travel in 2015, please get in touch soon! You can contact us here.

Like no other place on earth  
Madagascar is remote, rugged and untrodden. It's like no other place on earth. In fact, it barely qualifies as part of Africa; the two are separated by hundreds of kilometers of sea and 165 million years of evolution. Last November, together with a small group of intrepid travelers, we visited some of the most interesting and off the beaten path places in this unique destination. Incredible guides provided breathtaking sunsets, lots of cultural insight, stories and laughter. Read more about this customized adventure on our blog


Tips for Traveling as a Multi-Generational Family
The Lucas Family 
"Thank you, thank you, thank you. The experience was all we had hoped for. Awesome, as our grandkids kept telling us. The camps and lodges you recommended were just the right fit and the right mix.  

Both sets of camp managers were accommodating and flexible. They arranged for soccer games with the staff and set up a visit to a nearby village. Everyone was warm and friendly. The wildlife and landscapes were spectacular.

All in all, it was just kind of experience and exposure that Midge and I were hoping for. Thanks again for making it all happen."   
Larry & Midge L. (Tanzania - June 2014)

This past June, Pete and Midge Lucas took their e
ntire family on a safari vacation to Tanzania. Stops included Tarangire National Park, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, and the Serengeti, where the family witnessed an actual crossing (You can't plan that!).

Pete and Midge shared their thoughts on what made traveling as a multi-generational family a success:
  • Waiting until the grandkids were old enough to appreciate going on safari
  • Picking a time of year that didn't conflict with school
  • Giving adults enough lead time to make vacation arrangements with work
  • Planning early (at least a year in advance)
  • Choosing camps that fit the entire family; in some places, they were the only guests 
  • Remembering that this was also a vacation for each family unit. They appreciated that we chose camps where they had total flexibility to divide up and do different activities individually, i.e. bush walking, game drives, sleeping in, playing soccer, local visits
  • Rooming all the kids together  

Interested in a multi-generational trip? Contact us


"The Jikeleza Experience"


Help empower and educate girls, and have fun at the same time! Global Sojourns offers you the opportunity to combine your African Safari with "going deeper" through the Global Sojourns Giving Circle. During a stay in Cape Town, include a visit with our partner Jikeleza, where you will dance, drum and get to know the children in the project. Jikeleza uses dance to help girls in the townships stay away from drugs, alcohol abuse and teen pregnancy. Check out some recent guests "experiencing" Jikeleza!




What size is the right size? 

Strictly enforced luggage restrictions on light air transfers (between safari camps) can be confusing and frustrating for travelers. So many rules! We always recommend packing light, layering your clothes, and bringing carry on only. You don't need much. Remember, most camps will do your laundry daily! Here is the bag that takes us to the most remote corners of Southern and East Africa: the Eagle Creek "No Matter What" Duffel.

Order here from REI. There are various styles and colors to choose from - just make sure it's no bigger than 22"!


Donate to the Global Sojourns Giving Circle and help empower vulnerable African girls! 


Global Sojourns has a strong commitment to community projects through our Global Sojourns Giving Circle. The GSGC supports locally run organizations that focus on children, especially girls, and education. Almost every dollar donated to the GSGC dollar goes directly to a project on the ground, and the GSGC works hard to ensure funds are well spent.  


Some examples of how funds are distributed include:  

  • girls' empowerment workshops  
  • capacity building for our partner organizations
  • uniforms and school fees  
  • creation of girls' clubs and community awareness of gender issues 
  • leadership programs
  • salaries and infrastructure
  • Get involved! Donate here and make a difference in the lives of girls.  



Tswalu, South Africa

What is the biggest sand dune in the world?
According to the Namibian Ministry of Environment & Tourism, the highest dune in the world is called Big Daddy, or Dune 7. It is one of the Sossusvlei dunes in the Namib Desert. Multiple clients have left their imprint on Big Daddy this year! Will you be next?


We hope you've enjoyed our newsletter,Off The Beaten Path. May it provide you with travel ideas, stories and tips that inform and inspire. Spread the word! Global Sojourns works only on a referral basis.Let us design your next adventure! Contact us at or call 503-622-9101 to speak with Priscilla or 631-813-9420 for Valentina. Check out our website     

Priscilla Macy     Global Sojourns 
Global Sojourns customizes itineraries for individuals and small groups to Africa and around the globe.  Through a commitment to responsible tourism and relationships with local experts, we provide you with trips that balance outdoor adventures with cultural insights and authentic interactions with local people.  We are passionate about our work and providing you with fun, meaningful and memorable travel experiences.