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 November 2014   
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Safari, Culture and Philanthropy
Putting Ebola in geographical context
Traveling as a single woman in Zimbabwe
Richard Leakey film
Emerald Season in Botswana
A Note From Priscilla
Outlets to go
In Memory of Ralph
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Safari, Culture and Philanthropy
Recently, a small group of travelers enjoyed our unique, award-winning "Giving Safari". This trip of a lifetime is a great example of what sets Global Sojourns apart from the rest. 

During the trip, everyone exchanged ideas, learned, and grew personally through authentic cultural experiences in rural African communities. We also had our share of safari adventures! As Heidi put it, "What a fabulous group of people to travel with in one of the most amazing places on earth! From safari to visiting the GSGC Partners to exploring the great city of Cape Town, this trip had a little something for everyone."

Read additional comments from the groups' participants, and click on the picture below to enjoy the slideshow! 

Interested in this trip for 2015? Let us know!

InspirationDID YOU KNOW  

Putting Ebola in geographical context

Many don't realize how far away the Ebola outbreak area is from a typical Global Sojourns adventure in Southern or East Africa. Here are some facts:  

  • Africa is a huge continent. Travel between Western and Southern countries is logistically challenging.
  • Johannesburg is further from the outbreak than are London, Dubai, Rome and Rio de Janeiro.
  • There have been no Ebola cases in Southern or East Africa in this epidemic.
  • Ebola is not casually transmitted. This brief video explains why.
Many new cancellation policies are being created to assure travelers that their deposits are safe as well. Still concerned? Give us a call.


Cindy's trip of a lifetime traveling solo in Zimbabwe
Global Sojourns' client and friend, Cindy Krueger, recently traveled with us on a customized safari adventure in Zimbabwe. Here's what she had to say about it:


"I've wanted to travel to Africa for many, many years. And for many of those years I talked about it with Priscilla Macy. I traveled with her to Thailand, and on a great kayak and hiking trip in the Pacific NW Cascade mountains. I followed the Global Sojourns website, and watched in envy as friends made the 'big trip'. I wanted to go for my 60th birthday, but wasn't able to find anyone with time, money, and interest that lined up with my dates. And - another year went by. During that year, I lost a few friends unexpectedly, and realized that life doesn't promise us that we'll eventually get around to living our dreams. I got in touch with Priscilla, and told her that I was ready to see Africa, and asked her to help me take the trip on my own."  

Life is short! Read the rest of Cindy's motivational story on our blog.   


Angelina Jolie set to direct a new film about Richard Leakey's battle to save Kenyan elephants from the ivory poachers.
"I've felt a deep connection to Africa and its culture for much of my life," said the actress, director and human rights activist. Jolie describes this as a film about "a man drawn into the violent conflict with elephant poachers, who emerged with a deeper understanding of man's footprint and a profound sense of responsibility for the world around him". Read more about the project here

SpecialsOFF SEASON  

Quality vs quantity is the name of the game when traveling in Botswana during the Emerald Season
Botswana can be a very pricey safari destination, but many don't realize the great deals you can get when traveling in the Emerald Season! The rains have passed and left behind endless wildflowers, overflowing riverbeds, and the bush is lush and green. It's a photographers' paradise! The trade off is that you have to look a bit harder for the animals...and that's why staying at places with great guides is key.

GS clients Sarah and her father enjoyed safari in Botswana earlier this year, staying in Nxai Pan and the Kwando Concession. Here is what she had to say about traveling in the Emerald Season:
"In the end we saw everything we wanted to and more. I attribute this to the quality of our guides/trackers. The Delta was incredibly rich in wildlife but at times it was not easy to find or track the animals in the tall grass. I was really amazed at what the trackers were able to do."

Prices are starting at $4295 per person, land only. Call or email us now to book!  



A little bragging from your host
We won't offer cookie-cutter tours; that's just not our way. Instead we create a custom fit for each client. Before the first reservation is made, we'll have you fill out our Safari Planner, talk with you at length and get to know your heart's desire ... even when you may not be sure of it yourself! Only later will we design the ultimate trip to suit your budget, style and interests. This personal attention is a luxury included in a package that offers top value for your dollar. How, you might ask? Well, for one thing we don't advertise - we work only through personal referral. Indeed, your referral is the highest compliment you can give us.


Global Sojourns' clients don't just go to sub Saharan Africa, Peru or Ecuador and say "Okay, we can check that of the bucket list". Instead they experience natural, cultural and personal revelations that are life-changing. Each guest returns as a solid member of the (unofficial) Global Sojourns travel club. Where will your next adventure be? 


ExperiencesWeLovePRODUCTS WE LOVE 

Monster "Outlets to Go" Power Strip 
Have you ever stayed in a room without enough outlets to plug in your cell phone, notebook computer, iPod, PDA, digital camera or other gear? With Outlets To Go™, it's a frustration road warriors will never experience again. The award-winning Monster® design team created a truly portable outlet strip, designed for travel from the ground up. Exclusive thin design Monster features includes:
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  • FlatWrap™ Cord
  • 4-outlet Dual-Side layout with 2 wide spaced outlets on each side

So light and compact, you'll bring Outlets To Go on every trip and it's perfect for two people who need to share plugs! This product travels everywhere with us.

Order yours today from Monster.


Saying goodbye to Ralph

With heavy hearts we say goodbye to Ralph Oxenham, dear friend and dynamic owner of the Ichobezi houseboat, who suddenly passed away recently. Always with a sparkle in his eye, a contagious smile, and a fiery wit, Ralph's love for the Chobe River was apparent to all who were lucky enough to spend time with him. Thank you Ralph! You will be sorely missed...  


Definition: A Sundowner, in colloquial British English, is an alcoholic drink taken after completing the day's work, usually at sundown. BORING. Here's what a sundowner looks like after a day in the African bush! 
Enjoying Sundowners on the pontoon on the Chongwe River, Zambia



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