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 July 2017     
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Gorillas, Chimps, & So Much More - Uganda & Rwanda 
We must have said, "Ah-Maaa-Zing!" 300 times. There was something around each bend to excite us, and the special moments we shared with gorillas and chimpanzees - moving through their activities with them - captured our souls.

I can't remember being so excited in anticipation of a tour - I could hardly sleep the night before! When I joined two of our lovely clients on a Global Sojourns designed "primate-focused trip" in Uganda and Rwanda, I expected thrills. But I had no idea just how enthralled I would be by the countryside (especially in Uganda) and by our adventures.

These included:
  • Going in search of tree climbing lions (and finding them)
  • Exploring the shores of the Kazinga Channel in a private boat - taking in elephants, hippos, buffalo, antelope, wondrous birds, rustic fishing villages, and more
  • Absorbing breath-taking views and landscapes
  • Sharing the rhythm of life alongside gorillas and chimps.

We chose to participate in the habituation programs for both the gorillas and chimps.  This differs from the regular one hour treks that are most commonly done (both require permits).  

To say it was an experience of a lifetime, would be an understatement! The habituation programs allowed us to spend a few hours in their midst- an experience simply beyond words.  

Gorillas were the highlight of our trip.  My first glimpse of the silverback moving through the dense mountain forest was electrifying, and something I will always carry with me. As you can see from our photos, we were accepted by the majestic beasts and at times they approached us within inches.

Following the chimpanzees was also deeply moving.  We lucked upon the Alpha chimp early in our trek, and followed him as he ventured through his morning in the forest, calling out to his mates, beating his chest, pounding tree trunks, feeding, contemplating, and grooming. It was pure joy when he allowed us to tag along.

These experiences were such a privilege. I was so taken by them, and by the warm and welcoming people of Uganda, that I am returning next year.  

And you are invited to come along!  Contact us to get in on the adventure!

See more photos on our blog.


The mountain gorilla is critically endangered; only an estimated 880 are left in the world.  

All wild mountain gorillas are in a small area where Uganda, Rwanda and the Congo meet.  Your tourism dollars and contributions to conservation organizations help in fight to keep them alive.  

My "Office"

On the road a lot, I travel self-contained for both work and play.  I carry my "office", photo equipment, clothing, and gear - all tailored for the adventure.  My bags are key to helping me travel light and stay organized. 

I love my: 

Follow the Alpha Chimp!

Trekking with Chimps in Kibale National Park, Uganda

Trekking with Chimps in Kibale National Park, Uganda

Uganda Active Adventure - June 2018  

While we focus on customizing trips for families, friends, and individuals, GS occasionally creates unique adventures to offer our regular clients.  

This one is currently in the works: 
Gorillas and Chimps on Safari, with an optional 3-night hike in the Rwezori Mountains 
Get in on it!  Call or email us for details.

GS Clients... Rasin-Waters Family Update 
Because of the Rasin-Waters family's generous support of the Giving Circle, 58 children in Livingstone, Zambia - who would otherwise not have the means - will attend pre-school this year.

It was a joy to see the little ones' gratitude during Donna Rasin-Water's recent, and equally inspiring to observe how deeply Donna listens and responds to a small community's needs. 

Thank you Donna and the whole Rasin-Waters family!

As a special treat, listen as the children sing the alphabet! (just click on the photo)

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