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 February 2016    
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The African Bush     
It stimulates all the senses. 
Its grounding, calming, invigorating all in one.  
It connects one to nature and "something greater". 
It reminds us that we are just one piece in this complex world while affirming one's being. 
It creates a tremendous feeling of awe and gratitude. 
Raw and wild. 
When is your next visit?

Little Kwara
Kwando Concession, Botswana 
North of Botswana's Moremi Game Reserve and located in the heart of the Okavango Delta, Little Kwara is one of our favorite camps for both new and returning clients. What makes Little Kwara so special to our clients? It has... 
  • a large private concession in an outstanding location
  • beauty and wildlife with high game density
  • exceptional guiding
  • a laid back, comfortable vibe with only 10 guests max
  • both land and water activities (such as boating, fishing and mokoro trips when water levels are high enough)
  • walking and night drives
  • lots of flexibility with activities

3 Favorite Active Adventures in Africa
For those of you who love to stay active on vacation, who seek out activities that will challenge your body as well as your perception of Africa, we have some great ideas for you! Here are a few of our favorite off the beaten path adventure activities in Southern and East Africa. Stay tuned for more active adventure suggestions!  
  • Mountain biking through Damaraland, Namibia 
  • Tracking chimpanzees in Mahale Nationall Park, Tanzania 
  • Game viewing by Microlight over a national park or private concession

Read more about these adventure opportunities on our blog - then, pack your bags! 


The Great Elephant Census 
Early findings from the largest ever aerial survey of African wildlife - the Great Elephant Census (GEC) - are proving that big data can make a big difference when it comes to saving the world's largest land mammal.

The Africa-wide census, funded by Microsoft billionaire Paul G. Allen, took off in February 2014 with the objective of gaining a better understanding of elephant numbers across the continent. Since then, 90 researchers from various organizations have joined aerial teams flying survey transects in 18 elephant range countries. Preliminary results from the census have revealed both good and bad news for African elephants. Read more about the findings here.  

Load Hauler Expandable  

With more and more restrictions regarding soft
bags (with no wheels) on light air transfers, this bag has become Priscilla's favorite new go-to bag throughout Africa. Whether she's using it for safari or simply navigating the crowds coming off a flight, the versatility of using this bag either as a backpack or a duffle is a great selling point.  
  • Removable shoulder strap
  • Zip-away backpack straps
  • Multiple grab handles
  • With the expansion option you can buy things and check your bag for the trip home

Order online at Eagle Creek.  


Only four cats are able to "roar"...the lion, tiger, leopard and jaguar

Roaring is made possible by a special two-piece hyoid bone in the throat. The lion's roar can be heard up to 8 km away and is used to proclaim territory and to rally any straying members of the pride. Click below to listen to one of Africa's most impressive sounds.

Safari, Culture & Philanthropy: May 15 - 25, 2016 (2 spots left)

Mozambique Adventure: October 21 - 30, 2016 (2 spots left)

Tanzania Adventure: October 30 - November 7, 2016 (sold out)

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