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 February 2015   
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Yes, you CAN get great photographs while out on safari      

Are you a photo enthusiast? Want to take better shots? We can create a customized photo safari for you. One of the best options is to start your trip in Chobe National Park, Botswana, with our friends at Pangolin Photo Safaris. They will teach you the necessary skills and provide you with equipment for perfect shots. 


A Pangolin adventure provides incredible opportunity for both novice and expert photographers. To build your skills before heading into the deeper bush, we'll set you up with a Better Wildlife Photography course hosted by Pangolin's resident photographers. Plus:

  • Pangolin lodging is at a 4-star lodge on the banks of the Chobe River
  • You will learn photographic skills and techniques while on eight safaris
  • Each Safari takes around three hours
  • Outings include a mix of boat cruises and game drives

Pangolin recently became famous when a video of a hippo charging one of their photography boats went viral. Click below to watch!


Hippo Charge on Chobe River Jan2015, recorded with iPhone 6; Botswana

InspirationDID YOU KNOW  

Which is the best season for a Southern Africa safari?
(hint: whenever you're available!)

We love safari. And, we love sending clients on safari! There isn't a good time or a bad time of year to visit the bush. Each month offers surprises and unique opportunities.

For example, the dry season (July thru October) offers:
  • a greater quantity of wildlife
  • drier climate
  • thinner bush (with animals easier to spot)
  • incredible sunsets
  • cooler temperatures in July & August

In comparison, the green season (December thru March) offers:
  • lush, green vegetation
  • magnificent birding
  • quieter camps with more exclusivity
  • special price deals
  • great photographic opportunities

The shoulder months are exciting as well! It all depends on good guides, knowing your priorities, and setting realistic expectations. Click here to learn more and decide when is the best time FOR YOU to go on safari.   



Lower Zambezi National Park
Lions and Zebras and Birds, oh my!

Check out this video of one of our all-time favorite locations to go on safari, taken over a period of only four days. Chiawa and Old Mondoro camps in the Lower Zambezi offer excellent wildlife viewing by land & boat, terrific guides and remote locations. Plus, Zambia was recently declared free of yellow fever. Both are excellent camps, but we have a special place in our hearts for Old Mondoro. Come discover it for yourself!

4 Days at Chiawa Camp and Old Mondoro


A unique opportunity for philanthropic travel

Global Sojourns' individually customized itineraries allow you to go deeper, combining safari with authentic cultural experiences. Through the  Global Sojourns Giving Circle (GSGC), you can meet our partners and learn about important issues affecting girls and communities. Recent clients Claudia and Sarah visited GSGC-funded projects in Livingstone and Victoria Falls as part of their African safari. They sang songs at a pre-school, visited secondary school students, experienced an orphanage, a rural homestead, and more. They found it life-changing!


Travelers' Checks - Please leave home without them!

The best option for carrying money in a developing country? Forget travelers' checks! No longer widely accepted, difficult to cash and easily lost or stolen, they're a thing of the past. Here's what I carry in my constant travels:  

  • ATM card. While there is a transaction fee, these will provide you with a better exchange rate. Portals are hard to find in rural areas, so the safest bet is to exchange at the airport or your city of arrival.
  • Two credit cards. Credit cards tend to get good exchange rates, and all the better if you have a Capital One card or other without an exchange fee. I take two cards, just in case one has an issue.
  • Cash. Make sure these are new, crisp bills for tipping and arrival visas. As a rule I take about $300 in $5, $10, $20 and $50-dollar bills for a week-long safari.
Remember to call your bank and/or credit card company ahead of time to advise them of your travel plans. Happy sojourns!

ResponsibleSojournersCONSERVATION SPOTLIGHT   
Wildlife's surprising best friend 


Throughout Africa, various conservation organizations have successfully set up K9 units to help with their anti-poaching efforts.

"The poachers are very wary of patrol dogs, and are more willing to give themselves up in a confrontational situation if there is a dog with gnashing teeth in the equation," says Director of K9 Conservation, Conraad de Rosner. "In the areas we operate not one rhino has been lost in over a year and a half," added co-founder Catherine Corrett.

K9 Conservation began in 2011 and is now expanding their operations to key wildlife areas in South Africa such as Kenya, Malawi and Central African Republic. Other conservation organizations have set up similar canine units. Enjoy a recent article from Africa Geographic.

ExperiencesWeLovePRODUCTS WE LOVE 

Sennheiser PXC 250 II Collapsible Noise-Canceling Headphones   

As people who like to travel light, enjoy music, and are sensitive to ear pressure when flying, we swear by these! With a great price and compact size, they get the job done.   

  • Sennheiser Noisegard technology dramatically reduces background noise
  • Plays 50 hours of music on a single AAA battery
  • Has collapsible design with metal reinforced headband for easy packing

As we have discussed in Travel Tips on our blog, one of the biggest contributors to jet lag is airplane noise. Muting that noise makes a big difference in how you feel on arrival,and is especially helpful if you are heading straight out on safari. Order your Sennheiser Headphones online here!   


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Priscilla Macy    Founder, Global Sojourns 
Global Sojourns customizes itineraries for individuals and small groups to Africa and around the globe. Through a commitment to responsible tourism and relationships with local experts, we provide you with trips that balance outdoor adventures with cultural insights and authentic interactions with local people. We are passionate about our work and provide you with fun, meaningful and memorable travel experiences.