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November 2017     
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When events in the world seem rather dark, I give thanks to the gift of nature.

For me, the African bush provides healing and inspiration. Whether it be sitting in stillness, taking in the beauty of the landscape or being active tracking wildlife, my awe of life is restored.  

I'm so grateful for these reminders of the beauty in the world and it's a privilege to help our clients have such experiences.

Global Sojourns is always seeking unspoiled, out-of-the-way places to share with you.  One such place is Sarara Camp in Kenya.  Read below about our client's experiences in this special place.  

Whenever your soul yearns for nature, beauty and wilderness, contact us and we'll set you up with a wonderful and restorative adventure.



Just back from Sarara, GS traveler Cindy Krueger of Seattle gives us a glimpse into this remote, dramatic place that filled her soul.

"Ah, Sarara  - an oasis in the midst of the Matthews Mountain Range of northern Kenya. This stunning place in the expansive Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy, has a little of everything. You can walk to the singing wells or up into the hills.... The watering hole beneath the camp ensures wildlife near the lodge. It is lit at night, and watching the 'ellies drink under a starlit sky is quite the experience."  Read more here.


"Young Explorers was a true gem - an experience our girls will never forget." 

We recently sent clients - a lovely couple with four daughters - on a Botswana Young Explorers safari. We knew this would be a great fit for their family as they expressed they wanted their daughters to be engaged, to learn but to also have fun! 

Young Explorers focuses on the whole family, offering up an incredible opportunity to discover the wonders of the African wilderness- together. Activities for children include learning to track animals, identify birds and start a fire with sticks. Families can explore the bush at their own pace, and expert guides offer parents a respite.

Young Explorers is an exclusive experience. Only one family at a time has the use of the private, six-bed camp- including your own professional guide, personal chef, waiter, housekeeper and dedicated mokoro guides.  The guides are spectacular!  Engaging, entertaining, loving what they do and it shows.   

This is one of the most heartfelt and exciting experiences a family can have traveling together.  We love Young Explorers! 

You can use it in the most unusual places, and so it fits our off-the-beaten path philosophy. Whether you're going through Livingstone, Kigali or Zanzibar, you can have a bite to eat, a refreshing drink and a chance to recharge not only your mobile devices but yourself in a Priority Pass lounge. It's a bit of calm, comfort and rest in a busy itinerary.

Wow, our four 2018 trips - two to Uganda to trek through chimpanzee and gorilla territory and two on our National Geographic award-winning trip to Zimbabwe - are full!
In case you missed out, what can you do? 

Any trip starts with an idea, a spark- you can be the spark! 

Just say it out loud, and it begins to generate an energy we can build on and channel into a dream trip, whether you're coming to Africa for the first or tenth time.
Propose a trip to family and friends. Maybe it's kayaking off Mozambique. Maybe it's seeing the sun set on the sand dunes of Namibia or photographing wildlife from a houseboat on the Zambezi River. Our trips are small, usually six people, which is the maximum for a game-viewing vehicle. Because our typical group size is so small, forming your own group can be easy.
But if you can't find six people, we can help. Then off you go. Creating incredible memories to last a lifetime!
Get in on it!  Call or email us for details.

Meet Shorai Matambanadzo - Conserving wildlife and empowering girls through art

I am an ecological artist. My responsibility is to make residents in villages where I work outsideVictoria Falls, Zimbabwe, aware of the connection between art and conservation. One place I do this is Rise and Shine Girls Club sponsored by Global Sojourns Giving Circle.
The 35 girls in the club have grown up seeing their male relatives chop down trees and carve small animals to sell to tourists, threatening the once-plentiful hardwood forests of Southern Africa.
For these girls, woodcarving is the only art they know. So Auntie Sfe and I are introducing sustainable art forms, with drawing, composition and photography lesson. All three can enhance awareness and sharpen observation, providing new and creative ways to see the world and its interconnections.
Change must start with these girls. Perhaps they will be among Zimbabwe's first generation of indigenous environmentalists or eco artists. Read more here.


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